About Duck Duck Zebra

Pricing starts at $100 for a 9 x 12 canvas and do not include a frame. Framing and larger sizes can be done but will increase price.

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About the name Duck Duck Zebra

The name originated during a brainstorm session with my 5 and 7 year old and my husband. The Zebra came from the youngest being his favorite animal. Duck Duck came from the 7 year old randomly listing animals. As I put them together my husband explained how the name fits this style. "Duck duck goose" is the expected series; ending in zebra is out of the ordinary. While the "ducks" are the more ordinary elements in my paintings the "zebra" represents the whimsical aspects.

About Artist

I am lucky to be a native of Northern Colorado where I continue to live with my wonderful family. As a "stay-at-home" mother of four very young, active boys, I feel uncommonly blessed to be able to paint on a regular basis. It is a passion that keeps me engaged and challenged. It helps keep me sane in "mommy hood", and as a wife and mother I find daily inspiration for my work.

I am grateful to the procession of friends, family, teachers and complete strangers who have given me the little/ big pushes that have kept me working. Especially to my family members who help me with my kids and specifically to my husband who knows he married a hopelessly right-brained woman (who can never find the keys). His belief in me is such a gift. And of course to the Lord for his unending generosity and patience with his own creation.

B.A. Visual Arts (Emphasis in Painting), University of Northern Colorado
Additional undergraduate studies, BYU-Idaho and Aims Community College (Greeley, CO),